Academic Coaching

Is Academic Coaching right for your child?
If your student’s academic performance isn’t reflective of their full potential, there are likely core challenges that need to be addressed to improve performance and outcomes for your student.
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Academic Coaching is the right choice if your student:
has enormous potential.
has lost their love for learning.
struggles in multiple classes.
is scoring lower on tests than their peers.
needs help organizationally.
is a busy, high performing athlete.
has low motivation for school work.
wants to improve their college admissions profile.
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Academic Coaching Packages
Athletes and musicians work with coaches, and performing academically is also a commitment that takes time. While one session is a great start, the real benefits of working with a coach are achieved over a period of continuous effort and support.



2 one-hour sessions (One 60 minute session every other week) with an Academic Coach



4 one-hour sessions (One 60 minute session every week) with an Academic Coach



8 one-hour sessions (Two 60 minute sessions every week) with an Academic Coach
The Method Learning


Our Academic Coaches serve as advisors, mentors, and educational partners to your student, helping to remove performance blockers andimprove scores. Here's how we do it:
Organizational Systems
We develop and implement systems that support productive workflows and efficient time use.
Deep Learning Tactics
We maximize comprehension and retention with note taking and study habits that improve results.
Mindset Transformation
We remove focus and motivation barriers to maximize your students’ full academic potential.


The Session Framework
Check In & Update
Coaches review the previous week of strategy implementation and goals to ensure your student is on track across all assignments and academic development.
Concepts & Theories
Coaches introduce new ideas and strategies based on best practices across your student’s core learning improvement areas.
Practical Application
Coaches demonstrate how to implement and apply new strategies to existing objectives in a cooperative manner with your student.
Coaches end every session with clear objectives for the upcoming week so as to hold your student accountable to their academic growth.


Higher Grades & Test Scores
Advanced Executive Functioning
A Happier, More Engaged Student


Is Academic Coaching only for high school students?

No! Academic Coaching is designed to serve all students regardless of grade level and create immediate and lasting impacts on students’ educational performance.

How often do the student and coach meet live?

From 2 to 8 times per month depending on which package you select. We recommend that students who struggle in multiple areas meet with a coach more often to address the root causes of poor academic performance.

I’m about to purchase my personalized package. What happens next?

Excellent! We’ll reach out to you for an initial conversation, develop a fuller profile of your student, and construct your student’s personalized coaching plan. Then we’ll connect you with your coach.

What’s the difference between Academic Coaching and Tutoring?

Tutoring focuses on helping students master specific content for academic school subjects. Academic coaching focuses on essential skills and strategies to become a more effective learner overall, encouraging habits that lead to success across all academic areas and life.

What if my student and coach aren’t a great fit?

We strive to make sure we match you with the best Academic Coach for your student. However, if after the first session you feel that you would like to explore working with another coach, we’re happy to help connect you with another of our experts.

How will you measure progress?

Progress is demonstrated by marked improvements in key areas such as focus, retention, organization, work management, executive skills functioning, higher grades and test scores, and a happier, more engaged demeanor.

How long does the coaching process typically take?

Each student’s experience with academic coaching is unique and specific to his or her individual needs. Many students will see immediate results in the first few weeks, but most students will accrue the most enduring benefits from at least a few months of working with an expert coach.

How do scheduling and communication work?

We will connect you with your coach, with whom you will have an initial conversation to set up a regular schedule and communication plan via your preferred mode: email, text, or phone. The coach will be available outside the live sessions to answer basic questions or check in during the week.

What are the benefits of coaching? What skills will my child develop?

Coaching confers numerous benefits that extend to academics and beyond. Students develop many critical skills, including improved executive function, better time management and organization, and more effective study habits.

What are Executive Function skills, and how do they relate to academic success?

Executive Function Skills are mental self-management skills such as working memory, flexible thinking, and self-control that help students navigate tasks and ultimately achieve their goals. In order to maximize their potential, students must be able to manage their emotions, focus attention, organize and plan their work and time, and reflect upon and revise their approaches as circumstances change. All these skills are critical elements of learning and are essential for academic success.